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Reducing Low Back Pain In Your Golf Game
August 31, 2016

Golfers who suffer from injuries or pain complain more often about low back pain than anything else. According to the Titleist Performance Institute, 28.1% of all players deal with lower back pain–sometimes as often as after every round. This data, collected from over 31,000 players demonstrates just how big of a problem low back pain can be for players of all ages.
Fortunately, there are a number of ways to prevent back pain and injury by taking several easy steps. Preventing back pain can both improve your health and your game and can be as simple as making some tiny tweaks to your lifestyle. (more…)

Avoiding and Treating Soccer Injuries

Soccer injuries can happen very often as that it is a very physical sport. Unlike American Football, soccer does not require heavy padding as that it may impede the player’s movement. This therefore makes the player prone to collisions with other players as well as injuries in the legs and feet. (more…)

How to Care for a Sprained Ankle
June 25, 2016

Typically associated with pain on the outside of the ankle, sprains are common an indicate that a ligament around the ankle joint has been stretched too far or torn. It is very difficult and sometimes impossible to distinguish between an ankle sprain and a small fracture without an x-ray, so be sure to visit your doctor if you’ve hurt your ankle to be sure it is truly a sprain that you’re dealing with. If your ankle is sprained, your doctor is likely to recommend both treatment and rehabilitation. (more…)