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Does Pain Always Mean You’re Injured?
November 29, 2016


When you experience pain, it’s natural to assume an injury or underlying structural problem is to blame. Doctors work off the same assumption, and it’s correct in many cases. However, the physiology of pain is complex and can’t always be traced to a specific problem within the body. Sometimes pain doesn’t signal an injury, and not all injuries hurt. To know the difference, you have to understand the mechanisms of pain and become familiar with the way your body reacts to damage.


Marathon Tips


Participants in the celebrated London Marathon may want to learn about a few tips involving preparation, diet, clothing and winning strategies. Experiencing a safe marathon experience is of paramount importance. From drinking plenty of liquids to wearing the right pair of shoes, the following 10 tips may help competitors reach the finish line without experiencing any mishaps along the way.


Strategies That Can Prevent Injuries by Increasing the Capacity of the Body’s Tissues

In general, consistent exercise can prevent injuries, augment the density of the muscles, boost the thickness of the bones and improve the strength of cartilage. The consistent workouts will also prompt the cells to release natural compounds that significantly increase the production of new tissue. Additionally, exercise may stimulate protein synthesis, and as a result, the muscles and the cartilage will receive more amino acids that they would otherwise.