Strategies That Can Prevent Injuries by Increasing the Capacity of the Body’s Tissues
November 29, 2016

In general, consistent exercise can prevent injuries, augment the density of the muscles, boost the thickness of the bones and improve the strength of cartilage. The consistent workouts will also prompt the cells to release natural compounds that significantly increase the production of new tissue. Additionally, exercise may stimulate protein synthesis, and as a result, the muscles and the cartilage will receive more amino acids that they would otherwise.

Increasing the Hardness of the Bones and Preventing Injuries

By participating in workouts, an athlete may cause osteoblasts to release numerous chemicals that are found in the bones. Consequently, the training sessions could prevent fractures that may be caused by significant impacts. If an athlete has sustained an injury, the activated osteoblasts are able to accelerate the individual’s recovery period and to reduce long-term pain.

In order to maximize the density of the bones, an athlete can also take supplements that contain vitamin D, which is a hormone that allows the bones to absorb additional calcium. Furthermore, the vitamin may increase muscle mass and stimulate the production of testosterone.

Strengthening Cartilage and the Joints

Training sessions can prompt the body to produce extra collagen, and this protein may lessen soreness, augment the thickness of the joints and decrease the risk of tears. Collagen is also able to prevent arthritis and inflammation that might be precipitated by repetitive movements.

According to various analyses, the fibrous protein can tremendously lower the risk of an injury when an individual sustains a substantial impact.

Avoiding Ineffective Techniques

When reducing the risk of injuries, some businesses use a large number of ineffective strategies, such as therapies that involve ultrasounds, acupuncture, treatments that provide platelet-rich plasma and equipment that stimulates the nerves. Many physicians also prescribe corticosteroids in order to decrease inflammation. Although the ingredients may reduce pain, the corticosteroids will not affect the density of the tissues, and the ingredients may augment the production of cortisol, which is a stress hormone that can decrease muscle mass and collagen.

Utilizing Physical Therapy

If an individual does not let tissues heal properly, the muscles may begin to break down, and various analyses have shown that overtraining can substantially augment the risk of injuries. In order to prevent soreness and injuries, physical therapists should slowly increase the repetitions and the intensity of a client’s exercises. Typically, each training session will have a duration of 35 minutes to 60 minutes.

Each Workout’s Potential Effects on Hormones

Frequent training sessions can tremendously raise a person’s levels of testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone. These hormones prevent the bones from becoming brittle, and the natural compounds are able to substantially boost muscle mass and to increase the production of collagen.

If an athlete sustains a concussion, testosterone can prevent the dendrites from becoming atrophied. Moreover, the hormone may decrease the risk of glial scars that can be caused by concussions.

Blood Flow and Oxygen

When an individual exercises, the body increases the blood flow to the muscles that the training session affects, and consequently, the muscle fibers will receive additional oxygen and large amounts of vitamins and minerals. The extra oxygen can also prevent a buildup of lactic acid, which may cause cramps and reduce an athlete’s endurance.

Increasing the Activity of the Effectors

Exercise may stimulate the body’s effectors, which can somewhat modify the configuration of the tissues. Consequently, the effectors may substantially alter the positions of tissues that have been damaged due to an injury. Numerous reports have shown that activated effectors can significantly lessen the risk of strains that could impact the functionality of the muscles.