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Why Remove Your Shoes to Run?
May 22, 2016

There have always been runners who have chosen to do so naturally by running barefoot, but a growing number of runners are now making the switch to shoeless running. People who prefer to run barefoot believe that it improves running speed, and the biomechanics of the foot, which also lessens the risk of injury. However, not everyone is so sure about the idea of running barefoot, as there are not many reliable studies that have been done to show the decrease of injury among people running barefoot.


What Causes Heat Cramps?
May 21, 2016

If you are an athlete, then you know all too well about heat cramps. Some describe them as a Charlie horse in the muscle that occurs in the legs, arms, buttocks, and even in the abdomen. As if the cramping were not enough, it is usually accompanied by lightheadedness, sweating, and feeling faint. These cramps usually begin after many hours of physical exertion and sweating. The underlying problem is dehydration, and it can be dangerous. (more…)

Tennis Elbow
May 20, 2016

Tennis elbow is a type of inflammation that occurs in the elbow and surrounding areas of the arm. This condition has a variety of causes, and can affect people of any age, though it becomes more common the older you are. (more…)

Overcoming Performance Anxiety with Sports Psychology
May 19, 2016

Many people do well in training for their sport of choice, but when it comes to the actual competition part they choke. It seems that during the competitive part when they need to be at their best, they are full of anxiety and fear and their nervousness gets the best of them. If you find that you suffer from overactive nerves during your game time, there are ways to get your anxiety under control. (more…)