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Common Tennis Injuries and How to Avoid Them
June 16, 2016

For an athlete of any sports, the threat of injury is rather present, and many take steps to circumvent that possibility with ritual and awareness of of their bodies and equipment. However, even with these precautionary measures taken injuries can occur. (more…)

Golf Injuries and How to Avoid Them
June 14, 2016

Golf, as it is a sport, can cause discomfort and injuries anywhere on the body. However, there are some parts of the body that are significantly more prone to pain as a result of golf than others. For example, when playing golf, you are most likely to get injured in your elbows, hand, wrists, or shoulders. In addition, there is a high chance that because of all the rapid and explosive movement powered by your back, you will pull a muscle or experience a similar injury in your lower back. Generally, the Golf injuries are either from overuse or traumatic and extreme use of the muscles. In addition, the repetitive nature of golf means you are always using the same muscle groups, which leaves no time for muscular recovery. (more…)

What to do with your Football Injury
June 12, 2016

Football, being the high contact sport that it is, results in a lot of injuries on the behalf of the player. Most of the time, these injuries are insignificant aches in your muscles and joints. Sometimes, however, after a particularly grueling play or a poor performance, a player can become greatly injured. The injuries that can be received from playing football can range from something as small as a jammed finger to broken bones. It is important to be able to recognize what type of Football injury you have sustained and to know what to do about it when the time comes. (more…)

Ice Hocky Injuries and Prevention
June 10, 2016

Ice hockey is a fast-paced, full-contact sport where players are constantly slamming into each other at speeds that can reach up to 30 miles-per-hour. It should come as no surprise that injuries ranging from minor to severe are common among ice hockey players. Wearing proper protective gear, which includes helmets, pads, gloves and mouthguards, can help players lessen the risk of being injured, but cannot guarantee that injuries will not occur.


How to Keep Your Little Athletes Safe
May 30, 2016

Children and teenagers are becoming increasingly competitive in sports, causing them as a whole to be stronger and faster than in previous years. With this increase of athleticism, there is also a bigger risk of children and teenagers acquiring injuries related to their sport of choice. (more…)

11 Common Basketball Injuries
May 27, 2016

Whether you play to win or for fun, basketball is a great way to get a good workout. As with any sports activity, there is a chance of injury. The more you play, the greater the chance of injury increases. When someone is injured in basketball, it is typically due to overuse of a muscle or tendon and it results in a traumatic injury. (more…)

Are You Prepared for Your Sport?
May 26, 2016

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor performance

Not being properly trained and in shape is the cause of 50 percent of injuries sustained by younger athletes. Parents and coaches alike must understand that sports are becoming more competitive in younger age groups, and understand when to rest the athlete, and when to let him or her continue.


What’s the Difference Between Sprains and Strains?
May 25, 2016

Those who are physically active hurt themselves often. They may say they have a sprain or strain, but they really do not know which one. Both medical conditions are used misunderstood, but they are diverse. The ligament is a tissue that connects two bones together. It is made of fibrous materials. When you injure this tissue, it is sprained. If the tissues is stretched or torn, the official diagnosis will be a strain.


The Seven Most Common Sports Injuries
May 24, 2016

Seven of the Most Common Sports Injuries

For most people, the arrival of the weekend signals the time to get outdoors and enjoy some physical activity. Whether it’s hitting home runs at the ballpark, swimming laps in the pool, or blazing up and down the basketball court, most people have a sport they enjoy. But many of us push our bodies into over-drive after a lazy week indoors, resulting in a common sports-related injury. Read through our list below to see which seven injuries are the most common and what steps you can take to both prevent and treat them.


How To Use Ice Massage for a Sports Injury
May 23, 2016

When an athlete becomes injured, one of the most effective yet often overlooked methods of immediate treatment is to ice the area. Most of the time we associate icing with sprained ankles or wrists, but icing is also very good for treating other overuse injuries such as runner’s knee, too.