New York Сity Sports Physical Therapy
November 22, 2016

NYC SPT is a widely recognized brand in NYC. We are proud to be leaders in comprehensive rehabilitation area. A wide range of innovative rehabilitation services that we provide includes sports rehab, regenerative treatment, injury prevention, return to sports programs and many others. Our clinic was the first one to utilize research technology for treatment and functional diagnosis. Over the years of clinic’s existence our professionals have gathered great experience in treatment of different diseases and conditions. At NYC SPT the most advanced rehabilitation technology is available for our patients in outpatient setting.The unparalleled combination of our technology and methods will become a new standard for the whole field of physical therapy and rehabilitation in the nearest future. (more…)

Superior Medical Care Contributes to Rapid Healing of Professional Athletes
September 29, 2016

It’s a total myth that the reason professional athletes heal so quickly after an injury is because they’re in such remarkable physical shape. An ordinary person may spend weeks healing a fracture or sprain, yet sports superstars seem to recover in a fraction of that time. Receiving immediate medical attention and recuperating through physical therapy are the main contributors to getting back into the game without much downtime.

The best trainers in the world are standing by to provide an assessment the moment a player is hurt, and they are put through rigorous rehabilitation using the most advanced techniques.


Reducing Low Back Pain In Your Golf Game
August 31, 2016

Golfers who suffer from injuries or pain complain more often about low back pain than anything else. According to the Titleist Performance Institute, 28.1% of all players deal with lower back pain–sometimes as often as after every round. This data, collected from over 31,000 players demonstrates just how big of a problem low back pain can be for players of all ages.
Fortunately, there are a number of ways to prevent back pain and injury by taking several easy steps. Preventing back pain can both improve your health and your game and can be as simple as making some tiny tweaks to your lifestyle. (more…)

Avoiding and Treating Soccer Injuries

Soccer injuries can happen very often as that it is a very physical sport. Unlike American Football, soccer does not require heavy padding as that it may impede the player’s movement. This therefore makes the player prone to collisions with other players as well as injuries in the legs and feet. (more…)

Anatomy of the Lower Leg
June 29, 2016

Taking a look at the composition of everything between the ankle and the knew we can learn what makes the lower leg work. Most will be familiar with major muscles that are housed here and their functions. They’re known for exerting a great deal of strength and for their ability to withstand stress when helping humans stand and walk, but also make it possible to move impressive amounts of weight and make complex feats of locomotion possible. (more…)

Stop Paying the Price of Hip and Lower Back Pain
June 28, 2016

Do you sit at a desk all day to earn money, and then pay the physical price with hip and lower back pain? You’re not alone, lower back pain affects 8 out of 10 people and the vast majority of those affected are not lifting or competing in any sort of athletic activity or strenuous exercise; they’re just sitting. Besides creating a regular habit of getting up out of your chair and walking for two minutes every hour (the 2 Minute Walking Habit) you can help alleviate that lower back and hip pain by doing some very simple stretches. (more…)

How to Care for a Sprained Ankle
June 25, 2016

Typically associated with pain on the outside of the ankle, sprains are common an indicate that a ligament around the ankle joint has been stretched too far or torn. It is very difficult and sometimes impossible to distinguish between an ankle sprain and a small fracture without an x-ray, so be sure to visit your doctor if you’ve hurt your ankle to be sure it is truly a sprain that you’re dealing with. If your ankle is sprained, your doctor is likely to recommend both treatment and rehabilitation. (more…)

Treatment and Prevention of Common Soccer Injuries
June 21, 2016

Soccer is a beloved sport throughout the world. It is important to understand the most common types of soccer injuries, take appropriate steps to prevent them and understand how to treat them when they do occur. (more…)

Volleyball Injuries and How to Treat Them
June 20, 2016

Injuries derived from volleyball are usually classified as either chronic or acute injuries. Chronic injuries occur when muscles are overused, while acute injuries are caused by muscles being used poorly or incorrectly in a short period of time. (more…)

Common Baseball and Softball Injuries
June 18, 2016

As enjoyable as it is to watch baseball, one of America’s favorite pastime is sometimes a little less pleasant to play. In fact, playing baseball can result in a number of injuries that range in severity from mere nuisances to seriously traumatizing conditions, most commonly from excessive use or traumatic events. While following the rules and wearing the necessary protective gear aids in protecting players, some minor discomfort and periodic issues still arise. (more…)