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Many people first become acquainted with the rotator cuff due to an injury, and indeed it’s one of the more common physical complaints reported by athletes and non-athletes alike. To better understand the root causes of these issues, it’s necessary to learn a little about the rotator cuff itself. (more…)

Is Stretching Making Your Tendon Pain Worse?

Are you suffering from pain in your tendons? Will stretching ease that condition, or could it actually worsen the pain? For that matter, what exactly is a tendon. (more…)

Education isn’t enough to prevent concussions for young Rugby players

As a result of increasing concerns about the long-term effects that concussions may have, which includes issues like chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the Rugby Football Union has created the HEADCASE program. This online program is designed to provide training and information for teachers and coaches about identifying concussions and managing injured players. However, the evidence indicates that the HEADCASE program is not liable to be a particularly effective method of increasing safety for young rugby players. (more…)