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Sports Physical Therapy

Sports Physical Therapy of New York offers cutting edge therapeutic technology with the Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill. This superior technology was originally produced by NASA for training astronauts. Our sports medicine clinic used this anti-gravity technology for specialized treatments including stroke recovery and brain and sports injury therapy.

The Alter-G treadmill’s antigravity design provides mobility and comfort. The user is given specially designed shorts to place on top of their clothing. These antigravity shorts are uniquely designed to zipper into the treadmill’s skirt. An airtight seal is created around the waist of the user. When the air pressure inflates the skirt, the user is fully able to move freely, walk or run normally within the created bubble. The user experiences a decreased gravitational pull, and walking, running and training in this environment is highly beneficial for athletic training and therapeutic applications.

Athletic Training Sports medicine doctors recommend the Alter-G treadmill for use in athletic training. The primary focus of the antigravity treadmill at Sports Physical Therapy of New York is athletic training. Many professional sports teams and athletes have found the antigravity treadmill to be a beneficial training tool.

Athletes experience breaking past prior time restraints. They are able to run for longer stretches of time at excellerated speeds on the Alter-G than are able to on a traditional treadmill. By decreasing the body weight and exercising the cardiovascular system, the runner experiences increasde stamina and decreaed body impact. As a result, athletes are training longer in each session.

Anti-gravity Benefits The anti-gravity benefits provided by the Alter-G have brought therapy and athletic training to new levels of success. The cutting edge technology reduces the user’s body weight twenty percent in one percent increments. The air pressure on the lower extremities remains unnoticeable, as the decreased body weight of eighty percent is experienced. Air pressure simultaneously expands inside the treadmill’s skirt, and the user’s weight decreases. The user is experiencing a weightless sensation, similar to being in water.

The Alter-G treadmill has a basic design like that of a standard treadmill, but the standard and Alter-G similarities end when their abilities to perform are compared. The Alter-G treadmill has a unique surrounding skirt that provides the user with the ability to defy the gravitational pull. The operator uses air pressure to fill the airtight skirt, and a bubble is formulated. The air pressure within this bubble is precisely calibrated by varying degrees, and it resists the weight of the user. The operator uses the digital control panel on the exterior frame to make quick and easy adjustments to the anti-gravity machine’s performance.

Therapeutic Benefits • Helps patients to achieve mobility more quickly in sports injury therapy • Builds muscle tone early in the recuperation process • Lightens the weight on a injured body part • Provides weightless therapy on a repaired or replaced hip, knee or joint • Allows elderly patients greater mobility with less pain • Provides weight loss with less stress to the feet and ankles and knees